This is to be a special person?

Teach you everything that you need to learn? If you really are the best of friends?

I yes. exist; I found them in a single person.

A man from the soul of a young child; a man always smiling and full of joy.

It is he who has been near me in the most difficult times, taking my hand and smiling at me.

It is he who hugged me in the happiest moments.

It was him to come and play with my doll with blond hair and dressed in a light green dress named Stella when I cried or where I was angry.

It is he who helps me get up when I fall encouraging me with his words as true wise teacher.

It is he who calms down all my doubts with his infinite know.

He is to remain awake in the middle of the night to caress me and tie of him with his powerful hands that: They’ve made me always feel secure.

He is to understand when I’m pain without me tell he a word.

And to him I ask advice.

And with him I am overcome my fears.

He makes me feel special and unique; by knowing the worst and the best of me.

It is he who returns with roses at home.

He’s my favorite teddy, my idol.

It is he who fills me with cuddles and I deal zany nicknames.

He is the superhero of my simple story with an even the end to write.

He’s my angel that appears in dreams in my fantasy story.

He is my teacher in my book essayistic.

He’s my best friend in my story enclosed in perfumed pages of a book called “The Friendship plant.”

He is my all in my still so young life.

Now I’m here to write with a simple blue pen the moments of our lives and with of the ink I can only write “I LOVE YOU”

By: Alessandra Carriere

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