The words of the silent world

We think of this color and we are reminded of the sea. The huge expanse of water that cradles with its gentle and majestic movement of the waves.  I wanted to explore, see and touch the world I was observing every day from the mainland. I plunged and went down gently in that archaic unexplored marine fantasy.
It was all so quiet, peaceful. I floated in a silent world that I broke with my breath. Above me there was just a glimmer of light almost like a big star… the star shining in the sky of the new world. That light was the place I came from and where I had to return, coming back up to the surface.
I still went down; the light became smaller and there was long seaweed of a deep shade of bright green, dancing in perfect unison, to welcome me. I skimmed them and they twirled gently around my fingers without ceasing to dance; under my suit my skin felt a slight pressure; a tickle that made me shiver.
But in my mind I was repeating that I wanted to see more; that all this was not enough for me. I went down deeper. Weird. Everything that I was seeing looked familiar to me. There were little multicoloured fish; from orange to blue more intense, from red to yellow more alive. All of different sizes.
Three little fish small chased each other like children in a park; They do not emit any sound. I go down even more down and saw the biggest and most famous hotel of marine animals; the coral reef.
They had always talked me about this enchanted place, but I never imagined that their description could report to all this beauty. It had a beautiful color, a vivid orange almost like the color of the sky at sunset. Who knows why ; it gave me that feeling that give off a scent, an attractive scent almost hypnotic; but I could only breathe the fresh air oxygen spill out from scuba tank.There were fish of every type, colour and different shape that wandered around the coral reef.

I touched her; It was rough, slippery and in certain spots a bit ‘smoother. It was decorated with seashells and other animals that by now had become fossilized. I checked the scuba tank of oxygen and by now not much time was left. I begin to go up, and I gave one last look to greet it. I was sorry to be left with so little time to admire a fragment of the world so new and fascinating to me.